Instinct Primal - Tassili

Very personal work of Jan combine ambient sounds with field recordings. It s a trip back in time to the place he visited as a child and it let a deep impact on him. It was also a first trip to desert and last trip with his father before he died. Music will take you to a trip.

Self duplicated C20 assembled and numbered by hand.

Atrax Morgue / Contagious Orgasm – Forced Entry / N.C.W

Atrax Morgue / Contagious Orgasm – Forced Entry / N.C.W
re-release with bonus material on purple cassette

(C70) (ltd 50)

Hiroshi Hasegawa / Instinct Primal - Noisebient

Hiroshi Hasegawa side was composed between February-March.2016 in Tokyo
Instinct Primal tracks were composed between January-March.2016 in Kutna Hora

Split album released on (C47) Chrome cassette (ltd 50)


INSTINCT PRIMAL was recently presented with 12 original HECATE ambient tracks to work with. Choosing two longer pieces to reinterpret, the final result delivers very tense and dark atmospheric ritual ambient which will released as a special LTD ED Cassette with poster.
ABSOLUTION is the result of two rearranged and remixed tracks that get the complete sound treatment to obtain the cinematic dark eloquence which slowly develop amidst the layered soundscape of spanning noises and buzzing synths. Each 10 minute composition promises no mercy as you journey through the spectrum of grim grayscale - (sink or dive) to the deep darkness.

MOURNING SICKNESS - original version previously released on Sonic Tribute To Takashi Miike CD compilation in 2007.

MAJESTY LYKANIA – direct from the vaults and previously unreleased was used as a backing track for some of HECATE´s rare ritual performances

Every cassette includes an instant download and A5 poster with Rachael´s painting "DEATH AND THE MAIDEN"

Orange cassette. Limited edition to 50 only! Release end of March 2017 on Nova Alternativa

New 4 releases - October 2018:


Gold cassette + poster. Limited edition to 50 only! Released 2018 on Nova Alternativa

Banetoriko is a noise artist from Japan, based in Los Angles, California. Born in the old town Nara, Japan, she found her creative ground in U.S. Her solo project since 2011, Banetoriko aims to realize the sonic presence of yokai. Yokai is the Japanese word for all supernatural entities, such as ghost, spirits, monsters and creatures, appearing from the ancient Japanese folklore to modern urban legends.

Her unique use of her handmade instrument, called Banetek, is the signature of her project. The eerie metal scraping sound evokes otherworldly presence.

Her third cassette album, Onmoraki is the name of the yokai bird, which eats the last energy of the fresh dead. She explores this yokai, as the boundaries of being alive and being dead.

Her other works are released from U.S., Greece, and Japan, also on the internet.


Watch your ass! Harsch Noise from Brescia, Italy

Black cassette. (NA06) Limited edition to 50 only! Release 2018 on Nova Alternativa


Arvo Zylo has been active since 2000. In 2005, he made a drone piece out of the sampled sounds of various divas such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Aretha Franklin holding long sustained notes. It was initially denied by a label who asked for a track from a compilation, because they were told this information. Since then, Arvo has created 100 versions of the track, Upheaval. The 100th version is 4 hours long, and was aired on Sound Art Radio in the UK several times during their "drone week". In 2015, Tymbal Tapes released a full-length cassette of Upheaval versions that was well-received. Now Czech label Nova Alternativa is releasing the final versions of Upheaval in another full length. There was an evolution evident in the work, which went from drone to harsh noise to musique concret and sound collage techniques. This release is probably the most fully realized and the most anchored in industrial noise, but also there are some process-oriented, aleatoric pieces in the vein of Steve Reich and maybe a bit of the more "Elph" era Coil material.

White cassette. (NA07) Limited edition to 50 only! Release 2018 on Nova Alternativa


Paternoster - Prelude is new EP with two exclusive tracks
(revisiting of the original field recordings from 2011).

Instinct Primal - No One Is Safe III (meta-ambience)
Emerge - No One Is Safe IV (meta-substitute)

Orange cassette. (NA08) Limited edition to 50 only! Release day October 23. 2018 on Nova Alternativa

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